Thursday, June 18, 2009

Long time, no blog

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well out there in stitching land!

Since my last post, I have finished stitching and backstitching the Letter L. She looks awesome so far! However, I am frustrated to no end with the beading! I have beaded before without issue. Now it seems that beads that are in the same row do not want to line up. After about the fifth bead or so, consecutive beads start to move either higher or lower than the bead before it. I'm not sure why it is doing this. I'm using invisible thread to attach the beads. I will never work with this stuff again if I can help it!

The only thing that I can think to try is to start at the other end of the row and work in the opposite direction. Perhaps someone has a suggestion for me to try?

I also received Hugs and Kisses in the mail a couple of weeks ago and have started on it. My LNS doesn't carry any fabric by Lakeside Linens, so I am stitching it on a cream-colored fabric called Edinborough. The fibers are Gloriana Threads. This is my first time stitching with silk threads. They sure do have a wonderful feel to them, but I was blown away by the price. They are definitely cost-prohibitive, especially for someone who is unemployed! But I did want to try them at least once.

I have finished the central motif and am starting on the one above it. I chose this design because the colors complement my bedroom well, which is decorated in green and red.

This weekend I am headed up to visit my parents. My sister, niece and nephew will be going to. It is approximately a four hour drive, so we don't usually get to visit too often. It is very quiet there and the pace is much more relaxed, so I will certainly be getting some more stitching done.

Take care everyone!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Look at what I won!

I'm very excited! This morning I received an email from Belinda at Blue Ribbon Designs (actually, I received it last week and thought it was her newsletter and was planning to read it when I had more time). She told me that I was selected as one of the winners in a contest she had held a few weeks back. I am one of those people who never wins anything. Instead, I usually watch other people around me win.

As a winner, I was allowed to have any one of her charts for free. I picked Hugs and Kisses.

Hugs and Kisses
by Blue Ribbon Designs

This is my favorite BRD chart, and I don't have it yet. I almost missed out on receiving the chart, as she was getting ready to pick another name since she hadn't heard from me. Thank God I read that email in time! The chart also comes with designs for needlework smalls. I am going to start with the sampler first. Hopefully it will come in the mail before the weekend. I plan to start on it right away. :P

I haven't been doing much stitching lately, as job hunting is taking up most of my time. Still, yesterday I did manage to finish the fairy on the Letter L. Here she is, minus any beads or backstitching.

It would be awesome if I could get her done before my new Blue Ribbon Designs chart gets here, but I think that is probably too ambitious.

Hope your stitching is going better than mine! See you next time!