Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sweetheart Sampler Stocking Finish

I am happy to report that I have finished my second stocking from the Love is in the Air booklet by Blackbird Designs. I think it's just dah-ling!

Sweetheart Sampler
by Blackbird Designs
Fibers: Gentle Art Sampler Threads
Fabric: 28 ct. Autumn Field Linen

Instead of starting yet another stocking, I put some 32 count French Lace linen on my scroll frame and started the Letter L by Nora Corbett. What you see in the progress pic is the fairy's dress and her leg. It's coming along nicely.

And, as promised, here are pictures of the cards I made for my Mom's birthday and for Mother's Day.

A friend of my sister's had seen the invitations that I had made for my niece's First Communion, and now she has requested that I make a single keepsake invitation for her own daughter. I'll have to find some time to fit that in between job-hunting and wall-painting!

Hope you have a warm and wonderful day!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Day with the In-Laws

I had a great day yesterday with the in-laws (how often do you hear those words uttered?!?). I took the ladies around to the cross stitch stores that I frequent. I bought all of the supplies for the Letter L by Nora Corbett. One of the shops already had the chart for the Letter M, so I picked up the chart and threads for that one is well. I still need fabric for it though. Here is the floss toss for L -

And here's the floss toss for M, against the fabric for L. The linen pictured is called French Lace since they didn't have the Waterlily linen in stock. I will probably use Waterlily for M.

My original plan was to stitch both L and M for my sister-in-law and finish them into cushions. However, I think I will stitch L for her and stitch M for my niece Madison. I thought it might be better in case Laura is not a fan of the pattern or of my finishing job. But if she loves it, then maybe I could stitch M for her later.

I also made what I thought was an impressive-looking cake for dessert at dinner last night. It doubled as a birthday cake since all of the boys in the family have their birthdays in May. Bill's (my husband's) is on Monday.

I can't wait to start stitching on M. I probably won't be able to start until tomorrow though. Today I am attending my niece's First Communion, and then I have to prep for a job interview that I have on Monday. Wish me luck!

Friday, May 8, 2009

First stocking finish

I finished the first stocking from the Love is in the Air booklet by Blackbird Designs. I love it. It's just so cute. I ended up frogging two of the hearts at the top and restitching because I didn't like how I had done them. I think I was still getting used to stitching with hand dyed thread at that point. I am going to wait until I have more itty bitty stockings stitched before I finish this one.

Be Mine
by Blackbird Designs
Fibers: Gentle Art Sampler Threads
Fabric: 28 ct. Autumn Field Linen

I couldn't wait to start on the next one, so I dove in right away. Here is my progress so far.

Sweetheart Sampler
by Blackbird Designs

My husband's side of the family is coming to visit us on Saturday, so I made a Mother's Day card for his Mom. I've been a little tired of making cards after doing all of those invitations, so I used a pre-cut card to save myself some time. I also used another of those gold foil roses that I had bought at the CreativFestival. I think it looks pretty good for really not being in the card-making mood.

I'm thinking of possibly putting Celtic Summer back on my Q-snaps and making some progress on her. I also need to get started on the Letter L by Nora Corbett. I am stitching it for my sister-in-law and hope to finish it into a cushion for her for Christmas. She will also be coming to visit this weekend. We plan to visit some cross stitch shops. I think that I will buy the supplies for this new start then, and just tell her I'm stitching it for my sister.

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Finish to Share!

I am very excited to have a finish to share with you. Here is Each Day is a New Beginning, in all her unframed, unironed glory!

Each Day is a New Beginning
by Kooler Design Studio
Fibers: DMC
Fabric: 14 ct. White Aida

I love how bright the colours are, but I'd forgotten just how stiff Aida is. I'm really not a fan of the fabric anymore. I was planning to get it framed last week, but I just lost my job so I will wait to frame her until I find another one.

The CreativFestival was OK. I was expecting a lot more cross stitch booths. I think I counted 5 or 6. But it is the smaller of the two yearly shows. I did buy some card making supplies and some gifts for my Mom. Her birthday and Mother's Day fall on the same day. She makes jewellery and sells it on consignment, so I bought her this -

Now, I've never made jewellery before, so wasn't entirely sure of what to buy, but I thought these glass beads and especially the crystal pendant were pretty.

For myself, I bought some brads, no-set eyelets and foil 3D decoupage sheets. The foil sheets are beautiful. I'm already thinking of Christmas because I bought two sheets of Christmas themed motifs.

I didn't realize the decoupage sheets were die cuts until I went to take the picture. I used one of the golden rose motifs to make a Mother's Day card. I also made a birthday card using different materials. I was very thankful that they were die cuts because I was under a time crunch and I'm not sure that I would have gotten both cards finished otherwise. Unfortunately I mailed the cards yesterday and forgot to take a picture. I will have to snap some pics when I'm visiting my parents.

My final purchase was some hand dyed fabric called Firelight. I also found some Czech glass beads for my stockings. I thought I would have to use Mill Hill beads, but it seems like the Czech beads can be found in fabric/sewing stores. They only had 2 of the 9 I was looking for, but it's a start! I will post a picture of the stocking when it is finished. It's almost there.

My last stitching update is on the RR. I finished stitching on Karin's sampler in the DMC conversion listed on the chart.

Karin's RR

I think that I will treat myself to some stitching time this morning. But first, coffee! Have a great day everyone!